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Lightstone, Tracker analyse effect of lockdown on traffic levels


According to a recently released study from Lightstone and Tracker, traffic levels fell dramatically by more than 60% in Gauteng and the Western Cape when hard lockdown was enforced in April, but traffic levels from certain areas to commercial nodes fell by between 10-15% less than traffic in more affluent areas.

Study shows traffic fell by more than 60% in Gauteng and WC during hard lockdown


A recent study on Lockdown Traffic Patterns showed traffic levels fell by more than 60% in Gauteng and the Western Cape when the hard lockdown was enforced in April last year.

2020 : A year in review - The Auto and Property Industry


Covid-19 proved to be the kind of global disruption some have been warning could happen. It affected the global economy, the way people work and put tens of millions out of work.

Lightstone recognises 2020 top motor body repairers in South Africa


Over the last three years Lightstone has hosted the EchoMBR (Motor Body Repairers) Ranking Awards highlighting the top Motor Body Repairers (MBR) in South Africa.

How lockdown levels affected traffic


While our roads were eerily quiet during the Covid-19 hard lockdown, traffic has predictably increased as alert levels eased.

Lockdown saves commuters travel time


Commuters travelling from Pretoria to Johannesburg and back again in August spent 10 hours a month less on the road when compared to February as traffic volumes dropped by 33%, from 1.94m trips in February to 1.29m in August on the N1 South and from 2.02m to 1.35m on the N1 North.

Online service to value property and vehicles


If you are looking to buy or sell a property, or even just want to find out what the properties in your area are worth, Lightstone Property has introduced an easy, low-cost valuation service for individuals.

Riverside Panelbeaters is the best of the best


Riverside Panelbeaters has been voted the best panelbeaters in Mpumalanga... Consumer Awards, powered by WesBank, Concludes Testing at Gerotek


The final phase of the 2020/21 Consumer Awards, powered by WesBank took place at Gerotek in early November when judges convened at the world-class testing facility to evaluate the finalist vehicles. Awards: The competition heats up


The annual awards has become a mainstay in the local automotive sector, heralded for its slightly different approach to judging the best cars...

South Africa's double-cab bakkie sales race: stats after October 2020


We’ve managed to get our hands on double-cab bakkie sales statistics for October 2020, which allows us to see which model is winning the sales race in South Africa after the first ten months of the year.

Positive activity returning to motor industry, but recovery at least 12 months away


The automotive industry will take more than a year to recover from the negative impact of Covid-19 and the lockdowns.

EchoMBR Awards announced


The Lightstone EchoMBR Awards have been delivered and we would like to congratulate...

Zonke-Unicode: A 27-year partnership with SAPS to be proud of


From 1996, Zonke-Unicode concentrated on developing the most comprehensive motor vehicle database with the purpose of facilitating the detection...

Autolive: Editor's Note


I'm an eternal optimist, but I have to admit that I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not the South African economy...

Business is improving


To understand more about how Covid-19 is impacting the automotive industry.

Meet the 39 finalists of the Consumer Awards – powered by WesBank


Now in its sixth iteration, #CarsAwards annually recognises the best purchasing propositions in 13 respective segments of the domestic new-vehicle market and is widely acknowledged as South Africa’s definitive automotive awards programme.

New online service evaluates your property and cars


If you are looking to buy or sell a property, or even just find out what the properties in your area are worth, Lightstone Property has introduced an easy, low-cost valuation service for... Consumer Awards - Powered by WesBank; Finalists


Now in its sixth iteration, #CarsAwards annually recognises the best purchasing propositions in 13 respective segments of the domestic new-vehicle market and is widely acknowledged as South Africa’s definitive automotive awards programme.

Cautious optimism over early signs in the post lockdown property and auto sectors


In an interview Paul-Roux de Kock, Analytics Director for Lightstone had with Warren Ingham from the Honest Money Podcast, he highlights that despite a dismal few months from a property and auto performance perspective, there is potentially light at the end of the post lockdown, 2020 tunnel.

South Africa's double-cab bakkie sales race: stats after September 2020


We’ve managed to get our hands on double-cab bakkie sales statistics for September 2020, which allows us to see which model is winning the sales race in South Africa after the first nine months of the year.

Plaas TV – Importance of data in agriculture


Newest data from the South African Agricultural Machinery Association shows that September tractor sales were 23% higher... Consumer Awards - Powered by WesBank; Semi-Finalists


Herewith the 65 semi-finalists of the 2020/21 Consumer Awards – powered by WesBank.

A fairer dispensation


Over the past two years the South African Motor Body Repairers' Association (SAMBRA). a proud association of the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI), has been lobbying hard to eradicate any unfair business practices which are impacting negatively on member growth.

South Africa's double-cab bakkie sales race: stats after August 2020


We’ve managed to get our hands on double-cab bakkie sales statistics for August 2020, which again allows us to see which model is winning the sales race in South Africa after the first eight months of the year.

Transaction Capital subscribes for a non-controlling 49.9% interest in WeBuyCars


Transaction Capital has a proven track record of creating value by identifying, pricing and investing in businesses in resilient markets, that have the potential to achieve scale and leading positions in their market segments

Car exports slump 40%


South Africa exported 40% fewer vehicles in the first six months of this year compared with the first six months of last year, largely because Covid-19 restrictions caused demand for...

Why SA rush-hour traffic may never return to pre-pandemic levels


Rush hour congestion in the country’s major cities increased by about 21% in February this year - according to traffic congestion data released by TomTom. But recent data suggests that not only have these congestion increases been eroded - rush-hour traffic may never return to “normal”.

A lockdown on driving and spending


Tracker's anonymised vehicle tracking data, aggregated from the company's installed vehicle base and analytics from Lightstone, indicates that, on average, reduced use of passenger vehicles saved 1150 km of...

South Africa's double-cab bakkie sales race: the stats after July 2020


We’ve managed to get our hands on double-cab bakkie sales statistics for July 2020, which allows us to see which model is winning the sales race in South Africa after the first seven months of the year.

These are the most popular car colours in SA and the UK


Ever wondered why Ferrari and the colour red are synonymous? What colour car tickles the fancy of South African's the most?

Motor Body Repair Shops Taking Strain


Motor body repairers in South Africa — as well as similar businesses in most other countries in the world — are taking a huge amount of strain due to the pandemic as it has limited travel and hence the number of accidents and subsequent body repairs.

The Fastest Way to Get Your Business Back on Track


Doing things the easy way is not always the best way, but the Easy Quote System designed for motor vehicle dealerships certainly is.

South Africa's double-cab bakkie sales race: the stats after June 2020


Yes, we’ve again managed to get our hands on double-cab bakkie sales statistics for June 2020, which allows us to see which model is winning the sales race in South Africa halfway through the year.

Lightstone offers MyEcho to their MBR participants


Lightstone is constantly looking at ways to support their clients, especially during the current pandemic. Here is how the MyEcho tool helps to do just that.

A Resilient Auto Industry is Preparing to Fight Back in Modern Ways


The automotive industry in South Africa has been especially hard-hit during COVID-19, but this resilient industry is preparing to recover in a big way.

Double cab sales race a big dogfight


It's generally well-known that Toyota sells the most bakkies in South Africa overall, but not many know which of the brand's double cabs are the most highly-sought.

Are manual cars still a thing? Is there even a future for the old gear stick?


Earlier this year, in February 2020, the website Green Car Reports, reported that for the first time ever in the US, electric vehicles outsold manual transmission combustion engine cars

South Africa’s double-cab bakkie sales race: the stats after May 2020…


It’s a question we’re often asked but seldom able to answer. Who’s winning the double-cab bakkie sales race in South Africa? Now, however, thanks to our friends over at Lightstone Auto (via our sister publication, Leisure Wheels), we’re able to shed some light on the matter

We chat with new Isuzu CEO, Billy Tom


Only a few days into being in the hot seat at Isuzu, we speak to the Japanese marque's new local CEO and MD, Billy Tom.

These are the 10 vehicles that SA car owners recommend most


The ongoing Ownership Satisfaction Survey, conducted in partnership with Lightstone, asked vehicle owners to indicate how likely they were to recommend the car that they’d bought new from a franchised dealer (based on their overall ownership experience and using a 10-point rating scale) to friends and family.

Isuzu tops ‘Best Salespeople’ survey


Which models in the South African new-vehicle market are the most highly recommended by their owners, irrespective of price bracket?

Isuzu tops ‘Best Salespeople’ survey


A poll rates the bakkie brand best for purchasing experience and product knowledge - here's why

Top 10 Most Highly Recommended Cars in South Africa (by their owners)


Which vehicles come the most highly recommended by the people that know them best, their owners? The Ownership Satisfaction Survey, conducted in partnership with Lightstone, reveals the top 10.

This is how much time and money motorists have saved during lockdown


Tracker’s anonymised vehicle tracking data aggregated from the company’s installed vehicle base and analytics from Lightstone indicate that on average, reduced use of passenger vehicles saved 1,150km of driving, 30 hours on the road and R1,350 in fuel, during the first month of lockdown.

Cost of house and car valuations slashed


Lightstone, a data provider to the South African property and vehicle industry, has announced that its Property and Vehicle Valuation reports used by business clients will be made available to all South Africans at a heavily reduced rate. Car valuations will cost R20, and property valuations R90.

Which brand has the best salespeople?


In today's ultra-competitive and cutthroat car sales environment, which brands have the best salespeople? We consulted's annual Ownership Satisfaction Survey – conducted in partnership with Lightstone Consumer – to find out.

COVID-19 could change car ownership and car insurance forever


The coronavirus outbreak could bring about dramatic changes in South African car owner's behaviour that outlast the pandemic itself

Big increase in road traffic over recent days


Vehicle tracking company, Tracker, together with Lightstone, has analysed anonymised and aggregated data from client vehicles that shows a dramatic shift in driver habits during South Africa’s initial and extended lockdown periods.

Data determining if South Africans are adhering to the lock down


Joanne Joseph speaks with Linda Reid (Head of Data at Lightstone) on whether South African motorists are following the call to stay at home during the Covid-19 lock down.

Here’s how South Africa’s traffic volumes have changed since lockdown


South Africans have been ordered to stay at home until midnight on April 16 at the earliest, but how many have actually heeded the President’s call?

Lightstone Survey To Collect Covid-19 Impact Data


The reality of the indefinite lockdown measures will start sinking in this week as organisations around the country endeavour to find alternative avenues to keep their businesses afloat and maintain their customer base beyond the isolation period.



AutoMatrix has once again organized and hosted their 2ndannual Industry Conference cruise to Mozambique island. Focused on the Motor Body Repair (MBR) sector, the 340 delegates participated in interactive presentations and discussions tackling industry issues, with an impressive array of speakers from NAAMSA, RMI, SAIA, Honda South Africa, Isuzu Motors South Africa, Suzuki Auto South Africa, Lightstone, Axalta and Marouns Group.

SA vehicle sales: Here's a look at which province has the most car sales by the numbers


It is safe to say that people are still buying new cars per month despite the ever-increasing price of fuel and our fragile economy. Gauteng, KZN and the Western Cape have seen healthy numbers for the month of May, compared to places like the Free State, North West and Northern Cape where passenger cars aren't that much in demand, mostly because of population tallies being a key factor.

These are the most in-demand diesel cars in SA


While countries and indeed companies around the world are shunning so-called “dirty diesel”, it seems South Africans continue to embrace diesel-powered vehicles, according to new data from AutoTrader.

These are the second-hand cars you can afford with your salary in South Africa


Analytics group Lightstone recently released a report detailing the value of the type of second-hand car you can afford based on your monthly salary in South Africa in 2018.

These are the cars you can afford to buy with your salary in South Africa


New research by analytics group Lightstone shows the value of the car you can afford based on your monthly salary in South Africa in 2018.

Car sales by province: Where are South Africans buying cars?


Despite fewer selling days in March due to public holidays, the new vehicle industry made an upward swing, with a total of 49 233 new vehicles sold.

These are the car brands South Africa exports – and where they’re going


Research and data group Lightstone has published a new report showing how South Africa auto export industry has changed since 1994 – which car brands we’re exporting, and which countries are getting them.

Car sales: South African vehicle exports show significant growth


Although South Africa has seen its share of economic hard ships in the last several years, the Automotive Industry on the other hand increased exponentially since 1994.

White and silver remain favourites: Car sales by colour for Feb 2018


The most popular vehicle colour in 2017 was white, followed by silver and grey, according to Lightstone Auto.

Mazda CX-5 wins the 2017 Mazda SA COTY


Mazda Southern Africa is pleased to announce that the Mazda CX-5 has been voted the 2017 MSA Car of the year by MSA staff. A finalist in the 2018 World Car of the Year and MSA's flagship SUV; the Mazda CX-5 accounts for 29% of Mazda sales volume with an average sales volume of 320 units a month

The busiest petrol stations when travelling on South Africa’s main routes


New data shows which service stations and destinations in South Africa proved to be the most popular for travellers over the December festive season.

AutoTrader explores whether cars are increasingly playing second fiddle to bakkies and SUVs in SA too?


You may be seeing a lot more bakkies and SUVs on SA's and the world's roads in the not-too-distant future reports AutoTrader...

Winners of 2017/18 Consumer Awards – powered by WesBank


The 2017/18 Consumer Awards – powered by WesBank, concluded with the announcement of the 13 category- and prestigious Brand of the Year winners at a red carpet event hosted at The Galleria in Sandton, Johannesburg on 25 January 2018.

The best-selling bakkies in South Africa


Whether it is to navigate a potholed terrain, facilitate the type of work you do, or to cater for your outdoor oriented lifestyle, the bakkie has long been a popular mode of transport in South Africa.

These are the best-selling SUVs in South Africa – with prices


Data group Lightstone has provided the sales figures for vehicles in South Africa for 2017, showing which brands and makers topped out as the country’s favourite sport-utility vehicle (SUV).

Here’s how many electric cars have been sold in South Africa


New data from analytics group Lightstone shows that 375 electric vehicles have been sold in South Africa since the inception of electrically powered vehicles (EV) in the country.

Top 10 best-selling passenger cars in South Africa


2017 was a tough year for South Africa’s economy, which fed into all sectors of the market. Low consumer and business confidence led to low economic activity, which ultimately pushed the South African economy into a brief recession in the second quarter of the year, as households came under financial strain.

Single vs double cab bakkie sales in South Africa


New data from Lightstone shows the rise in popularity of the double cab bakkie in South Africa over the past several years.

Toyota bo; Ford, VW stoei vir 2de


Toyota is weer die topverkoper van passasiers- en ligte handelsvoertuie in November. Volgens die jongste motorverkoopsyfers wat Lightstone Auto gistermiddag uitgereik het, het Toyota in November 11 441 voertuie in Suid-Afrika verkoop. Hy word gevolg deur Volkswagen en Ford, wat mekaar opkeil vir die tweede plek.

The 20 busiest petrol stations in South Africa


A new joint venture between data and research group Lightstone and car tracking company Tracker, has provided insights into the driving habits of hundreds of thousands of motorists in South Africa, and related industries. Customer Satisfaction Survey yields invaluable buying advice


If you’re shopping for your next car, it’s wise to base your purchasing decision on the most up-to-date market insights at your disposal.

Rental manufacturer awards provide clues to car buyers


When you are looking for a new car, you might turn to various people for advice on what is the best car, or the best manufacturer. Hopefully you rely on Motor News for insight, but you might also ask your colleagues, friends, family or that bloke in the pub who seems to know everything about everything

Groenmotors se SA-verkope vaal


Publikasie: RAPPORT SAKE24 - Son 30 Julie 2017. Europa neem voortou, hier pla pryse, infrastruktuur. Terwyl Westerse lande verwoed teenmekaar meeding om die einde van die binnebrandenjin aan te kondig, is Suid-Afrika nog louwarm oor elektriese motors, waarvan slegs 100 verlede jaar hier verkoop is, volgens syfers van Lightstone Auto.

How much more you need to earn in 2017 to afford the same car you could last year


Research by analytics group Lightstone in 2016 showed the value of the car you could afford on your monthly salary in South Africa – this is how much more you would need to earn now to afford the same vehicles.

And the best-selling sportscar in Europe is…


Europe has access to a catalogue of impressive performance cars built and developed on its own soil, which is why it may come as somewhat of a surprise that the best-selling sportscar in its market in recent times is actually American.

SA's car crime capital is.. (and it's not Joburg)


Pretoria - The administrative capital of South Africa also happens to be the car crime capital, with the heart of the Pretoria CBD having recorded the highest number of vehicle-related crimes, followed by Sunnyside.

Does crime pose a threat to sustainable economic activity?


A home is more than a house and the land on which it is built, it is a place where memories are made and a safe place in which we can genuinely express ourselves. Consequently, the choice of home and its location are decisions that need to be carefully considered.

And South Africa's favourite car is


Annually published stats reveal the most popular individual models sold...

10 best-selling cars in SA’s rental industry in 2016


In 2016, South Africa’s new vehicle market shrunk by 11,4% to 547 442 units, when compared to 2015. Passenger vehicle sales made up 361 273 of that figure. But what sort of impact did the rental industry have? Well, according to figures from the folks over at Lightstone Auto, some 57 407 passenger vehicles were sold to rental companies during the year, which translates to around 16% of South Africa’s total passenger car market. Not an insignificant number at all, then…

Winners of Consumer Awards – powered by WesBank


The 2016/17 Consumer Awards programme – powered by WesBank – concluded with the announcement of the thirteen best-considered new purchases in their respective categories of the South African new vehicle market, as well as the overall Brand of the Year, on 19 January 2017. Established to be the most prestigious, credible and influential awards programme in the South African motor industry, the second iteration of Consumer Awards was distinguished by two significant factors: it was backed by the biggest provider of vehicle finance in South Africa and, in conjunction with the 13 judges’ scores, the findings of the’s Owner Satisfaction Survey (in association with Lightstone Consumer) had a substantial (50%) weighting on the final results, excluding the Brand of the Year award, which was based entirely on the Survey data.

The 10 most expensive cars


Research and analysis group Lightstone Auto has published a list of the most expensive cars in South Africa as at the end of 2016. According to Lightstone’s data, the 20 most expensive cars in the country come from only five manufacturers – Ferrari, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover and Porsche.

These are the cars you can afford with your salary in South Africa


Research by analytics group Lightstone shows the value of the car you can afford on your monthly salary in South Africa.

What salary is needed to afford properties and cars across SA


Do you know what salary you need to be earning to purchase a property and a car in a particular area of South Africa?

Slow start for New Car Sales in 2016


It’s no surprise that the South African economy has taken a bit of knock over recent months, and with that a domino effect – of a negative kind - on sales figures across industries. The latest research of new vehicle sales from Lightstone Auto reveals that the motoring industry has been particularly affected by the weak Rand and economy

The value in multi-faceted judging and accurate analysis for awards


The winners of the annual Consumer Awards were announced at an awards ceremony at Shine Studios in Johannesburg last night (Thursday 14 January 2016.) The awards recognised the best cars available in the South African market across various categories, using a unique, multi-faceted judging process, including valuable consumer input, and analysis by Lightstone.

Announcement of Consumer Awards winners


The Consumer Awards was established to be the most prestigious, credible and influential awards programme in the South African motor industry. It recognises nine vehicles that represent the best-considered new purchases in their respective categories of the South African new vehicle market and names three special category winners: Game Changer, Design and Brand of the Year.

Which car should Santa drive?


Whether you call him Santa Claus or Father Christmas, he is still scheduled to visit millions of children on December 25th. Traditionally, he arrives on a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer. However, following a book club session earlier this year, Mrs Claus read a book on Reindeer Rights, and decided that Santa needs to utilise his magic powers in a Reindeer friendly manner. Being a frequent user of Zoopa ( Mrs Claus referred Santa to SA’s leading authority on vehicle statistics and specifications to source a more appropriate mode of transport

Up for an adventure?


Of all the trends we’ve analysed in the South African auto space over the past year, one of the most noteworthy is that of pick-ups and 4X4’s which has revealed some rather interesting trends when it comes to different preferences for this vehicle type.

New vehicles are more economical and powerful


The latest Lightstone data looks at weighted average fuel consumption of vehicles between 2006 and 2015, and it is interesting to note that vehicles across the board have streamlined processes and efficiency to provide motorists with more bang for their (fuel) buck.

New car sales in reverse gear


Weak new vehicle sales, together with the 1.3 percentage contraction in gross domestic product (GDP) in the second quarter and the drop in the latest purchasing manager's index, are signalling that South Africa's economy is already in recession.

SA's top 100 vehicle sales: August


South Africa's vehicle sales took another knock in August as the weak economy weighed down the local market while exports continued to surge.

Lighter colour cars still #1 in South Africa


The latest data from Lightstone shows that white is still the most preferred colour when it comes to vehicle purchases between women and men. When looking at colour car preference between 2010 (where white, silver and black were the most popular choices) and 2015 (where white, silver and grey cars are at the top of the list) there isn’t much difference. Of all of the white colour cars purchased, approximately 43% of them are owned by females, which is not far off from their male counterparts who own 57%. When it comes to silver colour vehicles, females own about 44% and males own 56%.

Lightstone LIVE Inspect wins MTN App of the Year Award


Every so often, a new development emerges that sets out to revolutionise a particular industry. In this instance, it is an app that is proving to be a game changer when it comes to combating fraud within the insurance industry. The Lightstone LIVE Inspect app, which is specifically tailored for insurance companies to perform a pre-inspection at policy initiation, is already winning awards for its innovation...

Lightstone LIVE helps manage costs with our new user roles feature


User role customisation is even easier with our latest mobile App release. As a manager or Super User you can now set roles for all the users in your company to perform different actions - from only scanning a vehicle to scanning and generating reports on vehicles and people...

Bright future ahead for Lightstone Auto


"This is more than a name change and signals an aggressive thrust into the market to grow the business," says newly-appointed managing director of the Lightstone Auto, Mike von Hone, who previously headed up TransUnion Auto Information Services...

Vehicle and home buying patterns changing in South Africa.


The two largest asset purchases with on-going expenses that typical middle- to- high income consumers are faced with are houses and vehicles. Lightstone, a provider of comprehensive data, analytics and systems on automotive, property and business assets, identified comparable market segments across properties and vehicles and have seen significant changes in preferences between the two over 2012 and 2013...